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Organic Green Tea Lemon

Organic Green Tea & Lemon

A light, crisp and highly refreshing green tea with a delicious lemony citrus zing.
Organic Orange & Turmeric

Organic Orange & Turmeric Herbal Tea

Be surprised by this delicious fruity orange and invigorating turmeric herbal tea
Organic Snore & Peace Herbal Tea

Organic Snore & Peace Herbal Tea

A comforting and delicately fragrant infusion that balances the delicious floral taste of chamomile and lavender with the refreshing character of lemon balm. The perfect accompaniment to a bedtime read.
After Dinner Mints organic herbal tea

Organic After Dinner Mints Herbal Tea

The cool, menthol taste of peppermint combines superbly with the natural sweetness of spearmint and the subtle, spicy body of fennel and ginger to provide a truly delicious and refreshing 100% organic infusion. Perfect for after dinner.
Chai Five organic herbal tea

Organic Chai Five Herbal Tea

A comforting and warming blend of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves, combined to produce a deliciously sumptuous chai infusion, perfect for some well-deserved “me time”.
Organic Strawberry & Elderflower Herbal Tea

Organic Strawberry & Elderflower Herbal tea

A gloriously sweet herbal tea reminiscent of sunny days and ice cream.
Organic Lemon & Ginger Herbal Tea

Organic Lemon & Ginger herbal tea

A refreshing, delicious and zesty citrus herbal tea with the warming zing of ginger. Naturally caffeine free.
Clipper Organic Earl Grey

Organic Earl Grey

A light, refreshing tea with the delicious and distinctive citrus zing of Bergamot.
Queen of Greens organic fairtrade green tea

Organic Fairtrade Queen of Greens

A light, crisp and highly refreshing green tea with a delicious lime citrus zing.

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Blackberry Mint Spritz
A tongue-tingling addition of blackberries and sparkling water makes our After Dinner Mints tea perfect for any time of day.
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Ginger Lime Fizz
Love ginger? Try this fizzy twist on Queen of Greens.
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Lime Curd Pavlova
Enjoy this light and airy dessert, filled with a refreshing burst of citrus.
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Steamed Ginger Pudding
Try our steamed ginger pudding, loaded with ginger and citrus — and great with a cuppa Main Squeeze.
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coloring with clipper
We know things are a bit different at the moment with all that is happening in the world and we hope you are staying safe. You might have a little more time on your hands - or not if you've got little ones to keep busy. Either way, we want to bring a some joy, inspiration and perhaps a little smile to your face with some clipper coloring sheets.
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What are Herbal Teas?
Better known as fruit or herbal teas, infusions aren’t actually teas at all! These delicious drinks masquerading as teas are made using herbs, spices and fruits for delicious flavour combinations. Most are caffeine free and we’re confident you’ll find one that you love.
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Why Make The Switch To Organic Tea?
Organic farming is much better for the environment which means more of the wildlife we love and less of the pesticides we don’t. Plus, Clipper’s organic teas are all absolutely delicious, so why wouldn’t you make the switch?
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What is Green Tea?
Even if you drink it every day, you might find yourself asking: what is green tea? Well, it’s made from the same plant as black tea (‘everyday’ tea) but processed differently. Simple! The result is a distinctive flavour and lovely golden colour.
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What is White Tea?
If you’ve never heard of white tea, it’s worth getting to know. This tea is made from the same plant as black tea but only the youngest leaves are used. After a little gentle processing, the resulting tea is traditionally famed for its health benefits.
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