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Magical Tea Makers

Our expertise tea tasting

We’ve been making our magical teas in Dorset UK since 1984. From small beginnings, we now make over 1 billon teabags a year on site in Beaminster. It’s our attention to detail – from our natural ingredients to our multi-award-winning taste profiles – which make people fall in love with us.

Our Tea Guys

We believe that every cup of tea should be special. Our super tea heroes, Dan & James, travel the world to work with amazing growers from the best tea gardens in Africa, India & Sri Lanka to source, select and blend all our own products. So every Clipper cup is delicious, pure & fair.

James expert tea guy

James, master of tea buying & slurping

It’s been incredible to witness the impact our Fairtrade contributions make to the people on the ground. We were proudly shown around the new community centre and livestock shed in India recently, both paid for with the Fairtrade premium. It makes such a big difference to the local communities.

Dan expert tea guy

Dan, master of tea blending & magic

I think apart from seeing a pack of Clipper in someone’s basket at the supermarket, the proudest moments for me have been winning all of our taste awards. So much attention to detail and care goes into each and every one of our blends and it’s really rewarding to see it being recognised.

our expert blends

Our Unique Blends

We are very proud of our unique Clipper taste profiles. Every one of our blends is made to be the best quality tea it can be. Tea blending is like an alchemy using the different teas from different origins to make a blend truly special, and, like wine, tea gets its unique characteristics from the soil and the climate unique to where it’s grown.

Unique blends East Africa

In East Africa, the red soils give the tea leaves their typically bright coppery colour in the cup.

In the Assam region, the tea is famously rich and malty due to the high humidity levels and rich fertile soils.

Unique blends Sri Lanka

Delicate high grown tea from high elevation gardens can be found in Sri Lanka.

Unique blends Tamil Nadu

Light and refreshing green tea comes from Tamil Nadu, where the leaves are gently steamed so they keep their fresh, bright colour and clarity in the cup.

The Way We Source Our Tea

At Clipper we never buy our tea from auction, instead we choose to work with progressive tea estates that we know and trust.

Perfect Partnerships

Perfect Partnerships

We made the decision to work with just a few progressive partner estates to ensure the best quality tea is grown with the lowest environmental impact. We source all our teas from producers we know and trust.

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