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Why is Fairtrade Tea Better?

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When we sit down and drink a cup of tea, we like to think that the people behind it are getting a fair deal. It helps the tea taste even better.

Unfortunately, behind some cups of tea real people face low wages, discrimination and poverty. It’s not just workers on the big estates, either. Even those who work their own land often don’t earn enough to feed their own families.

At Clipper, we know there is a better way which is why our tea is Fairtrade. We wouldn’t want it any other way and consequently we are now the world’s largest Fairtrade tea brand.

What does Fairtrade Mean?

Put simply, Fairtrade is about:

  • Better prices
  • Decent working conditions
  • Local sustainability
  • Fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world

By choosing products with the Fairtrade Mark you are guaranteeing producers are being paid a fair and stable price for their products, allowing them to develop their business and work their way out of poverty.

How does Clipper Support Fairtrade?

Our black and green tea is Fairtrade which means we pay sustainable prices to our suppliers, this helps to address the injustices which are unfortunately common in conventional trade.

We’ve been working with Fairtrade since 1994 and are extremely proud to support them. As well as paying the correct price for our tea, we pay an additional Fairtrade Premium. This extra money goes to farmers and workers to support worthwhile projects. The kinds of things this money funds include:

  • Schools & Education; building schools, paying teacher’s salaries, providing uniforms, school meals and even school buses.
  • Hospitals & Healthcare; providing life-saving medical equipment, ambulances & doctors
  • Worker Empowerment; supporting women who work with training & providing crèches

Who knew tea could do so much good?

Fairtrade community schools
about our sustainability what’s fairtrade & why is it important?

Why Should I Choose Fairtrade Tea?

Small actions have a big impact and the tea you choose can mean the world of difference to those who produce it. When you buy Fairtrade tea, the farmers and workers behind your cup are promised greater security and futures for their families. They are offered better working conditions, healthcare and support for their communities.

You can back all of this with the simple choice you make at the checkout, thousands of miles away from the people who helped make your tea. When it’s such an easy thing to do, why wouldn’t you choose Fairtrade?

Every Cup Counts

Small actions have a big impact and the tea you choose can mean the world of difference to those who produce it

Do I Compromise on Taste to Support Fairtrade?

Absolutely not! Clipper tea not only does good for the farmers, growers and pickers, it tastes absolutely delicious. We source our tea from the best growers in the world, choosing the tastiest and best quality Fairtrade teas. You don’t have to compromise on flavour and you get a clear conscience, too. Win-win!

When it comes to Fairtrade tea vs non-Fairtrade tea, we think there’s a clear and easy choice. Now you can sit back and enjoy your Clipper tea while also knowing that you’ve done your good deed for the day.

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